This Friday the 28th of April 2017 

Time: 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

Venue: Richoux, St Johns Wood, London NW8 6NX


                               'Naked on the Couch' is...

 Will George the 'Mindfulness Man'.


                             In addition, performing during our wine 'o'clock hour is

                             the fabulous singer Jeanette Rhodes.


Why not join me and my guests at...

Tea with Atiti and that Glass of Wine

Will Will

Teatime Tales

20150925_201309 (2)

When Rioch came to Tea with Atiti as our September 2015 'Naked on the Couch', guest, no one was quite  prepared for her straight from the heart awe inspiring account of her life. The only thing we knew is that being 'Naked on the Couch', meant raw unedited real-talk.


I digress, but feel the need to as I don't now if you have had the privilege of meeting or listening to the multi-award winning woman that is Rioch Edwards-Brown. If you have, you'll appreciate what I'm about to share, but if you haven't, then I really hope that an opportunty presents very soon.


The minute Rioch took to our 'Couch', you could have heard a pin drop in the beautiful Conservatory where we'd had our tea and seemlessly glided into wine-o-clock! We were ALL totally captivated and sat listening heart-in-hand. Rioch is a fabulous woman and life hasn't been entirely kind to her, but rather than a defeated broken bitter woman, we were faced with a passionate driven faith warrior who according to her, viewed life's challenges and curved balls as part of the process which smooth the rough edges of the diamod that she clearly is to her family, friends, mentees and community.

Rioch is a women who has turned every adversity in her life into an opportunity to empower and better others.


Thank you for coming to 'Tea with Atiti', Rioch. X