This Friday the 28th of April 2017 

Time: 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

Venue: Richoux, St Johns Wood, London NW8 6NX


                               'Naked on the Couch' is...

 Will George the 'Mindfulness Man'.


                             In addition, performing during our wine 'o'clock hour is

                             the fabulous singer Jeanette Rhodes.


Why not join me and my guests at...

Tea with Atiti and that Glass of Wine

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Sugar, Spice & All things Nice.. (Archives)

September 2013

Tea with Atiti marked it's first anniversary and it was a very welll attended event.Comfort Brai-Aloye was our 'Naked on the Couch' guest and she inspired the audience by sharing the highs and lows of her journey from a challenging childhood to becoming an independant woman with a degree in Estate Management. She is also a Mumpreneur who operates an Event Organising business with her husband. Dr Evelyn Mensah who had the business spotlight slot explained to us how she fond her way from Opthamology into being a leding FM distributor. 


August 2013 - SUMMER BREAK


July 2013

In July our advertised guest was Princess Deun Solarin, however due to an emergency recording she was unable to make it and our spotlight business guest Vice Principal Dionne Jude of St Marks Academy CoE, Acacia Road, Croydon. Dionne shared the story of how life threw a few curved balls her way leading her into education and how as a result vision to build a student leadership programme has gradually begun to unfold. Dionne is part of a visionary school manangement leadership team at her school and is keen to continue to impact the lives of young peoeple througj her work.


Please visit http://www.stmarksacademy.com/ for more information about this inspiring school.


June 2013

Since this was the begining of summer we decided to make the June event one where everyone who attended shared an aspect of their journey with all in attendance making this the fisrt event where everyone had a moment on the couch. The weather was fabulous and the delights irresistable.


May 2013

In May tea was an aromatic fusion of inspiration and ideas. Our 'Naked on the Couch' guest Muzvare Betty Makoni 2009 CNN Hero and founder of Girl Child Network Worldwide, took the floor and held us spellbound as she walked us through her painful journey to triumph. Muzvare Betty is a gift to the world indeed!

Dr Evelyn Mensah who runs an evening / weekend Fragrance Business had the exhibition spot. The display looked and smelt amazing. Evelyn made some great sales and even found one guest who was really keen to explore this enterprise as a supplementary income stream. The spotlight business came from Banking IT Guru Anjola-Oluwa Adeniyi who also runs a Utility Warehouse Distribution; the company that saves you money on ALL your household utilities.  





April 2013

Being an April child Atiti chose this month to be the 'Naked on the Couch' guest and she share very personal inspiring stories of the ups and downs of life, love and family. Atiti spoke openly and honestly which in effect made guests feel they had permission to speak about their personal life challenges. It was a fabulous event which started with the spotlight business D'amaka giving one luck guest a fantastic makeover.

Make sure you don't miss the next event!









March 2013

Diana Chrouch was 'Naked on the Couch' and fabulous. Diana is the CEO of Chrouch Consulting and Founder of The Black Parent Network. Diana brought us up to date on The Black Parent's Network and then proceeded to offer us great food for thought on Marketing, Networking and Branding. Diana shared priceless nuggets and invaluable insights into strategies for:

  • successful business marketing

  • being visible to promote your business

Diana kept us on our toes making us dig deep and think about what we want to achieve within our respective business ventures. She was great at teasng out our 'inner fears and provinding us with alternative value propositions. Tea with Atiti will definitely be incorporating some of Diana's invaluable suggestions!





Feb 2013

We had the rare treat of having world renown Overtones Vocalist Performer and Educator Rollin Rachele as our 'Naked on the Couch' guest. Rollin took us down the path of enlghtenment and opened our eyes, ears and hearts to the beauty of Overtones singing. Rollin explained to us how he developed his Overtones singing skills and how despite the fact he didn't have a formal undergraduate degree backing up his skills he went on to become a significant contributor to scientific knowledge through his work with reputable academic establishments, such as the American Laryngological Voice Research and Education Foundation (ALVRE) and The Voice Foundation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Rollin ended the evening by leaving us spellbound having accepted the request of his wife (Jude Rachele) our guest to perform one last song!  







Jan 2013

In January we sat completely enthralled by the moving acount from Rainatou Sow CEO and Founder of the UK charity 'Make Every Woman Count who sat 'Naked on the Couch' and shared indepth the events which had led her to establish her charity. Rai (as she likes to be called) explained that she took advantage of the Declaration and promises made at the Decade of African Women by the 54 African Leaders to improve  factors affecting the lives of African women. Rai decided her charity would hold these leaders to account by publishing an annual report of the progress made by the African Leaders. Rai, filled our hearts with an understanding about her motivations and committment and as a result a guest in attendance Dr Jude Smith Rachele CEO and Founder of Abundant Sun Ltd, interviewed Rai and has identified Rai's charity as the sole beneficiary for all the proceeds which will be raised at their charity Film Screening in September 2013. It all happened at 'Tea with Atiti'.







Nov 2012

The award winning Film Director/Producer Menhaj Huda was our guest in November. This event was insightful and very entertaining as we heard about the reality behind what we enjoy on sreen, we learnt just how difficult it is to take a production from script to screen. Menhaj won us over when he shared not only his passion for his work but also the tenacity and perserverance that he has to reinforce on a daily basis. Menhaj is undoubtedly gifted, talented and a real gem to the industry. For the guests in November they couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed their afternoon. Thank you all for coming.


Menhaj's profile is available here:






Oct 2012

We spent a delightful afternoon listening to the Women 4 Africa Co-Founder, Media Personality and Author of STEPS - Tola Onigbanjo.

Gently spoken Tola took us on a journey which saw her endure soul searching life  experiences, which would have left her devastated had she not found her will to live and her faith in Christ. Tola's journey has given both weight and credibility to everything she has done since, including authoring a book which focuses on the issue of 'Step Parentng'.

Tola's message was inspiring and gave everyone food for thought.  




Sept 2012

The first event is always the hardest as anxiety and tummy's run riot, but I needn't have worried as we had a great afternoon listening to Ms Ronke Lawal.

Ronke  shared her journey and insights into how she has become a well respected force to be reckoned with. Ronke explained how she has always refused to take the easy option and accept any staus quo which imposes limits on her opportunities and requires her to be almost invisible. Ronke spoke with a strength and spirit which excited and inspired us all.

It was at 'Tea with Atiti ' that Ronke Lawal first shared publicly the fact she would be leaving her post as the CEO of the Islington Chamber of Commerce and it was also at 'Tea with Atiti' that Ronke met Amanda Rabor - CEO and founder of of Issosy Children (Fashionwear), a guest who came to have a relaxed afternnon in great company). Following on from  'Tea with Atiti',  Issosy Children's Fashionwear became a new client of Ronkes's RSL Management Services Ltd. What a wonderful afternoon we had. Following on from 'tea' and one of our guests at tea (Toks Coker a.k.a my Aunty Toks) mentioned 'Tea with Atiti' in her blog sending love and light to all who attended!









Welcome to an afternoon of exquisite tea infused with pure inspiration from Atiti and guest. We do this on the last Monday of every month and it is truly invigorating.


The inspiration you’ll enjoy comes from;


Sometimes it only takes a single word to make a difference, change a mindset or transform lives. At other times it’s about being in the right company at the right moment in the right environment and Tea with Atiti provides a stimulating environment for just that.


Your hostess ‘Atiti’ has been described as a distinctly different woman who speaks with sincerity, passion and honesty this endears her to her audience and makes the ‘Naked on The Couch’ section of the afternoon truly memorable.


Atiti wears many hats as an award winning serial innovative entrepreneur and educator for ‘Atiti is distinctly different’, which include being a renowned speaker, University lecturer, author, board game inventor of Shhh or Tell it and creative designer of the high end accessories label - Eyato!

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